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Pamela Mondal Web Series Watch Online (June 2024)

Pamela Mondal Web Series: Pamela Mondal is a famous model, actress, and social media influencer from India. Pamela’s most famous web series is palangtod kirayedaar, released on the ullu app. Pamela has worked with many ott platforms.

Pamela Mondal Web Series (June 2024)

The famous web series of Pamela Mondal has been given in the list below. You can watch all these web series on their respective platforms.

1. Prabha Ki Diary Season 1 (The Wife) Ullu Web Series

prabha ki diary season 1 (the wife)

Prabha Ki Diary Season 1 This is the story of a married girl named Prabha. Prabha’s husband does not like her. She does everything but does not know how to get pleasure from her husband.

One day a man comes into Prabha’s life. He starts liking Prabha. Prabha initially tries to stay away from him, but after a while, she too falls in love with him. Prabha and that guy get intimate. Prabha gets a chance to fulfill her desire for the first time. Pamela Mondal played the role of Prabha in “Prabha ki diary season 1 (the wife)”.

2. Ghapa Ghap Ullu Web Series

Ghapa Ghap ullu web series watch Online 2022

ghapa ghap is the story of a couple spending a good time in the bedroom. Suddenly four muggers come to his house. Those people demand money from this couple and brutally hit the husband.

3. Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 (Honeymoon Special) Ullu Web Series

Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 (Honeymoon Special)

“Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 (Honeymoon Special)” is the story of Prabha’s twin sister Garcy. Gracy has been shy since childhood. One day a boy named Rajat comes to see him for marriage. Gracy like him, and both of them get married.

Gracy and Rajat go out of town for their honeymoon. Rajat doesn’t get the pleasure that he wants with the gracy. Rajat’s girlfriend, Ayesha, comes to know about this. She goes to Rajat’s hotel and has a good time with him. Gracy comes to know about this. To understand what will happen next, watch the web series Prabha Ki Diary Season 2 (Honeymoon Special) of the ullu app.

4. Palangtod Kirayedaar Ullu Web Series

Palangtod Kirayedaar ullu web series

Palangtod Kirayedaar is the story of Sapna and her husband. Sapna’s sister-in-law is married. His room remains empty. Sapna’s husband takes a tenant for the space named Niranjan.

After a few days, Pooja comes to her brother’s house. Niranjan star teases Pooja every day. Pooja tells this to her sister-in-law Sapna.

When Sapna goes to Niranjan, he confesses his love to Sapna. Sapna and Niranjan start doing makeout. Pooja sees both of them in an intimate position. It is then revealed that Pooja and Niranjan are in love with each other and want to get married.

5. Adla Badli (Madhosh Diaries) Ullu Web Series

Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries wiki cast
Adla Badli Madhosh Diaries wiki cast

“Adla Badli (Madhosh Diaries)” is the story of two couples. The life of the first couple is going wrong, and the life of another team is enjoyable. One day both couples have a business meeting in which the couple tells their fantasy. Both husbands talk about swapping their wives, on which both wives agree.

6. Pintu’s 5 million Followers (Gandii Baat Season 5) Web Series

Pintu's 5 million Followers (Gandii Baat Season 5)

“Pintu’s 5 million Followers” is the story of a boy named Pintu, whose video went viral. Pintu becomes famous in his town due to this video. Pintu joins the gym to impress his girlfriend. A man named Dev is found in the gym and teaches bodybuilding to Pintu. Dev misleads Pintu and starts making out with his girlfriend.

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