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Top 10 Simran Khan Web Series List (June 2024)

Simran Khan Web Series: Simran Khan is India’s famous web series actress and model. Simran has done her maximum acting work with the Ullu app. Simran’s First ullu web series is Palangtod Caretaker, released in 2020.

Simran Khan Web Series (June 2024)

After that, she worked in lots of ullu app web series. The list of Simran Khan’s famous web series is given below.

1. Palang Tod Caretaker Ullu Web Series (2020)

Palang Tod Caretaker ullu web series

This is the story of a house where a husband and wife live with their father. The father has difficulty walking. The doctor advises him to keep a physiotherapist at home. The husband says that he knows one physiotherapist.

A physiotherapist comes to the house and starts taking care of his father. That physiotherapist is that boy’s girlfriend. To know what will happen next, watch palang tod caretaker only on the ullu app.

2. Lovely Massage Parlour (2021)

Lovely Massage Parlour ullu web series

Being troubled by a financial crunch, Rakhi seeks help from her friend Juhi who works at a massage parlor. Little does Rakhi know that Juhi can mint money only after providing deep physical satisfaction to her clients. Watch what happens when Rakhi takes a nosedive in the masseuse profession in “Lovely Massage Parlour’.

3. Blackmail Palang Tod Ullu Web Series (2022)

Blackmail Palang Tod Ullu Web Series wiki cast

This is the story of a married couple whose life is not going well due to which both are about to get divorced. The wife’s friend tells her that you are doing right what you are doing, and she advises that she should party and enjoy life. Drunk, the wife and her friend have intercourse, and their affair starts. Whose video his son sees. Watch the blackmail palang tod ullu web series on 8 October to know what will happen next.

4. Video Calling Hotspot Ullu web series 2021

Video Calling Hotspot ULLU Web Series watch online

This is the story of Abhinav, who is a young boy. He becomes friends with an online girl. The girl strips for Abhinav on video calling, whose video is recorded by an unknown person. Abhinav later knows that an online girl made the whole plan. Can Abhinav’s father save him from this mess? Watch Video Calling Hotspot ULLU know.

5. Manjulika Rabbit Web Series 2021

Manjulika rabbit web series 2022

This is the story of a girl named Tanu. Tanu is married to a boy named Manu. On the honeymoon day, a ghost comes inside Manjulika’s tanu body. Watch the Manjulika web series on the rabbit app to know why Manjulika comes in tanu body.

6. Moh Rabbit Web Series 2021

MOHINI web series cast 2022

This is the story of a village landlord who has been married for many years. Even after so many years of marriage, he has no children. The zamindar decides to marry another Girl.

His wife goes to the village and starts a relationship with an unknown man so she can have a child. Watch the moh rabbit web series to know whether she can get pregnant.

7. Blue Tick Primeshots web series 2021

Blue Tick primeshots web series cast

This is the story of a girl who wants to be famous on social media. That girl wants to have a blue tick on her Instagram profile. To know how far she can go to get that blue tick, watch the blue tick web series only on the primeshots app.

8. Siyapa Primeshots Web Series (2021)

SIYAPA primeshots web series cast

This is the story of an old man who falls in love with his son’s girlfriend. He tells his son not to marry her. That old man marries that girl without informing his wife. The boy takes his girlfriend into the house as a wife. Watch the Siyapa web series on the Primeshots app to know what will happen next.

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