Anupama Written Update 8th October 2022: Kinjal decides to file a complaint against Paritosh

The episode begins with Toshu sitting on the garden bench with Arya. Anupama, seeing the Paritosh, goes to him and demands to hand over Arya. Paritosh does not listen to his mother and runs away. Anupama follows her and asks her to hand over Arya to her. Paritosh stops after seeing Devi’s painting on the wall. Anupama tells him that only the mother has to come forward to teach the son.

Anupama tells Paritosh that he could not become a good husband, or at least become a good father. Hearing this, toshu says that I am a good father.

Anupama says that good fathers think about their children and not about themselves. Hearing all this, Paritosh hands over the pari to Anupama. Samar gets happy, messages Kavya, and tells them the pari has been found.

Kavya tells this to everyone in Shah House. Everyone gets happy after hearing this. Kinjal says that if pari is in her mother’s hand, she will be safe. Rakhi gets sad after hearing this.

Anupama remembers her old-time seeing toshu and tells toshu how much you have changed. You were our good son; today, you have become a bad person because of your anger. Toshu tells Anupama and Vanraj you have thrown me out of the family, but this Arya is my daughter, and I have all rights to her. Toshu starts banging his head on the ground. Vanraj and Samar stop him. Vanraj says toshu come to his senses, what are you trying to do. Anupama asks Toshu to go home and apologize to Kinjal. Toshu denies Anupama’s point. Anupama drags him to Shah House.

GK gives medicine to Anuj. Anuj says that today there will be a ruckus in Shah House. GK says that the most brutal fight in the world is with your family. Anuj says that we are so sorted in life, but still, we do not have so much multitasking at a time. How women do all the work together. Gk says that women have no choice. They have to do all this work by themselves.

Anupama takes Toshu to Shah House. Kinjal takes Pari in her lap. When Leela starts coming to Toshu, Anupama stops him, and it is farming that first Kinjal will talk to him than you guys.

Kinjal tells toshu that the matter of divorce will happen later, first now you will have a case of kidnapping. Kinjal asks Samar to call the police station. Vanraj tells kinjal that he will punish him. Rakhi says that it is not a small thing that should give significant punishment to the house.

Precap: toshu apologizes to everyone in the house and says give me one chance to become a good husband and father.

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