Anupama Written Updates 6 October 2022: Leela faces Criticism from Chanda and Sheela

The episode starts with Garba pandal. Leela is invited to the stage. Leela goes on stage. Anupama and Anuj respect Leela and give her an award. The host asks Leela to say a few words. Leela first feels like then she starts speaking.

Leela says I am happy that I got this award from the hands of Anuj and Anupama. Anupama is no longer my daughter-in-law, but we still have bonded. Leela says that this relationship between us will continue forever. Even today, if any problem comes to our house, we go to Anupama. Hearing this, Barkha says Anupama herself will bring about today’s issue.

After listening to Leela’s words, Chanda and Sheela shout and say that Leela Behen, don’t lie so much. On hearing this, everyone gets shocked, and Anupam’s sister-in-law Barkha happily says that “and funs begin.”

Chanda and Sheela say that the whole area knows what you people have done to Anupama, and now you are becoming significant in front of everyone by calling Anupama a daughter. After bringing up this matter, Leela and Chanda get into an argument.

Leela says that people who have problems in their own house do not speak about the matter of other’s houses. I will slap you if you say one more word about my family.

Chanda says that your grandson Pritosh has had an affair with someone, so Kinjal is giving him a divorce. Hearing this, Vanraj says that all this matter is of our house, so it will be better if you do not interfere in all these things.

Samar, Pakhi, and Dolly also start arguing with them. Samar tells them that you go to your home and you will get your share of prasad. After this, the debate gets irritated all the people.

Anupama pacifies everyone and says that there is someone here in this pandal whose house does not have fights. There are fights in every person’s house, but they don’t tell about it to someone. We will handle whatever is between me and my baa.

The Garba competition starts. Anuj becomes the DJ in this Garba and hosts the people. Everyone is playing Garba when the Paritosh comes to the Garba. Seeing the Paritosh, Anupama gets angry and drags him out. Vanraj takes Toshu outside the pandal and makes him understand that he should leave from here or else he will throw him out of the house. Saying this, Vanraj goes back to the pandal. Toshu does murmur and says that I will not go from here.

Vanraj comes to the pandal and sees that Pakhi and Adhik are dancing together, and suddenly, they disappear. He goes out to search for them but does not find them. As soon as he returns, the pakhi is in the Garba pandal.

Anupama goes to Rakhi and tells her to go and do the Garba. I will handle the Pari. As soon as Anupama looks at the swinger, there is no Pari. Toshu kidnaps the Pari and leaves.

Precap: Kinjal becomes hyper when the Pari is kidnapped. Anupama leaves alone to smear the Paritosh. Anupama goes to the temple, where she gets the toy of the Pari.

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