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Ullu, Primeshots, Primeflix, Laddoo OTT Releases This week (12-19 August 2022)

As we all know, this weekend will be a happy one for all, because this weekend will be very long. That’s why we are giving you the details of all the upcoming ott releases this weekend. This week apps like ullu, and primeshots are going to release their web series.

1. Khoon Bhari Maang on Ullu App

Khoon Bhari Maang web series cast

This is the story of Divya and her husband Sameer. The married life of both is going on a good track. One day suddenly Divya’s friend comes to her house. Sameer falls in love with Divya’s friend. An affair starts between Sameer and Divya’s friend. Divya comes to know about this affair and she goes to commit suicide. While committing suicide Divya, a friend of Rahul sees and saves Divya. To know what will happen next, watch the Khoon bhari maang web series only on the ullu app. This web series will be released on the ullu app on 16 August 2022.

2. Malkin Bhabhi on Primeshots App

Malkin Bhabhi primeshots web series watch online 2022

This is the story of Renu who is a housewife. There is a room vacant in Renu’s house which she gives on rent. Once two boys come to her house as a paying guests. Renu falls in love with one of them. Renu and that boy’s affair starts. Renu’s husband is suspicious about Renu, due to which he increases the rent of the house. Even after increasing the rent, those boys do not leave the room. Watch the Malkin Bhabhi web series to know what will happen next. This web series will be released on the Primeshots app on 15th August 2022.

3. Call Boy on Laddoo App

Call Boy web series laddoo cast

This is the story of Kunal who is jobless. He goes to many places for interviews but does not get a job. Due to a lack of a job, he doesn’t propose to his girlfriend Shanaya. One day a message comes on Kunal’s mobile which says “Enjoy and earn”. He starts working in that company. What is the service of this company? To know, watch the call boy web series only on the Laddoo app. This web series will be released on the laddoo app on 10th August.

4. Love Jugad on Primeflix App

love jugaad primeflix web series 2022

A story that weaves around murder and unfolds various human emotions of Trust, Love, Lust, Manipulation & Betrayal. This web series is releasing on 12 August 2022 on the Primeflix app.

5. Charmsukh Chawl House 3 on Ullu App

Chawl House 3 charmsukh cast

This is the story of two sisters named Teena and Meena. Meena who is a hardworking girl while her sister Teena is a careless girl. One day a boy named Rahul comes to live in their society. Teena and Meena both fall in love with this guy. But Rahul falls in love with Teena and begins an affair with her. After this Meena feels very bad. To know what will happen next, watch the charmsukh chawl house 3 ullu web series. This web series will be released on the ullu app on 12th August.

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