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Top 12 Pallavi Debnath Web Series List (June 2024)

Pallavi Debnath Web Series: Pallavi Debnath is India’s famous actress, model, and social media star. Pallavi has been a finalist for Miss India 2010. Nowadays, Pallavi is working more on OTT platforms. She has worked with famous OTT apps such as Ullu, primeshots, Woow, Cineprime, etc.

Pallavi Debnath Web Series (June 2024)

Pallavi’s latest web series is Mami no.1, which was released on the Cineprime app. The list of famous web series of Pallavi Debnath is below.

1. Mami No.1 Cineprime Web Series

Mami No 1 cineprime web series watch online 2022

This is the story of a boy named Rinku who lives with his parents. One day, Rinku’s parents were out of town for a few days. He cannot leave Rinku alone in the house, so they call Rinku’s uncle and aunty home.

Rinku lives with his uncle and aunty for a few days. Rinku’s aunt is hot, which is why Rinku starts liking her. Aunty also starts picking Rinku. One day, when Uncle sleeps, Rinku and his aunty get intimate. Rinku’s parents come home the next day, and her maternal uncle leaves the house. Rinku’s aunty cannot live without Rinku. To know what will happen next, watch the web series of the cineprime app Mami no.1. In this web series, Pallavi plays the role of Mami.

2. Choodiwala Ullu Web Series

Choodiwala Part 2 Ullu web series watch online 2022

This is the story of a bangle seller named Murari. Murari travels from village to village on his bicycle and sells bangles. Along with selling the bangle, he builds a physical relationship with the young married women of the town.

He entraps three girls from a village named Bhuri, Kajri, and Sangeeta in his love. He gives a shining bangle to all three women, which is a sign of love. One day, the three women meet each other, and they come to know that Murari is cheating on all of them. To understand what will happen next, watch the ullu web series Choodiwala.

3. Shilajit Primeshots Web Series

SHILAJIT उपलब्ध है Web Series Watch Online 2022

Shilajit is the story of a village with a hospital to solve the sex problem. Shilajit pills are available in that hospital. All the men of the town take tablets from that hospital. One day, a husband who wasn’t satisfied with his wife came to that hospital. That man takes Shilajit from the hospital and eats two tablets together. To know what will happen next, watch the Primeshots web series Shilajit.

4. Haye Yeh Aag Woow Web Series

HAYE YEH AAG woow web series watch online 2022

This is the story of a writer named Roshni. Roshni wrote a book called “Haye Yeh Aag.”. As soon as this book was published, people started to boycott this book. People say that this book only talks about sex. Is this book fictional, or has Roshni written about her life in this book? To know, watch the web series Haye Yeh Aag of Woow app.

5. Thappa Primeshots Web Series

Thappa primeshots web series

This is the story of a woman whose husband and child died in an accident. She starts a new life. A boy in the office starts liking her. After some time, the girl also starts picking him. One day, the boy goes for a marriage proposal with his mother at the girl’s house. The girl’s father refuses the marriage. To know what will happen next, watch the web series Thappa of Primeshots app.

6. Latke Pe Jhatka Web Series

Latke Pe Jhatka web series

This is the story of an older man named Dev. Dev gets married and doesn’t satisfy his wife on the day of his honeymoon. He tells this to his friend. Dev’s friend tells him about a website where they teach many tricks to satisfy his wife. Dev signs up on that website.

A sales girl comes the next day when Dev is leaving the office. She tells Dev that he has applied for service. Dev brings that girl to the house. Then, that girl shows different products to Dev and says she will give a demo of all the products herself. Watch Latke Pe Jhatka only on the Woow app to know what will happen next.

7. AC Ki Taisi Web Series

AC ki Taisi web series cast

This is the story of a housewife named Sheetal, who is unhappy with her husband. Sheetal’s husband doesn’t perform on the bed. One day, the AC of Sheetal’s house got damaged. An electrician comes to fix the ac. After watching the electrician, Sheetal sees a way to fulfill her desires. Sheetal gets into a physical relationship with that electrician. Since then, he has often come to Sheetal’s house. One day, Sheetal’s husband sees that electrician in the place. Watch the Primeshots web series ac ki taisi to know what will happen next.

8. Maanglik Web Series

MAANGLIK Big M Zoo web series 2022

This is the story of a married wife. The girl’s brother-in-law likes her very much. He tries to force her often, but suddenly, a ghost pushes him. He tells this to his brother. His brother brings Baba one day. The Baba says there is a spirit’s shadow in this house. Watch Big M Zoo’s web series Maanglik to know what will happen next.

9. Janghanya Upaay Ullu Web Series

Janghanya Upaay ullu web series

This is the story of Kanika and Abhishek. Kanika is not beautiful because her husband, Abhishek, does not like her. Abhishek brings his girlfriend home. Seeing them together, Kanika is unable to bear her husband. She goes to Baba and asks for some way to get Abhishek. Will Kanika be able to get Abhishek? To know, definitely watch the Janganya Upaay ullu web series.

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