Top 10 Sony Liv Web Series (June 2024)

Sonyliv is an Indian OTT platform where people can watch live TV shows, web series, movies, and TV serials online. Both free and premium content is available on Sonyliv. Sonyliv’s premium subscription starts from 299 per month.

In the last few years, many excellent web series have been released on Sonyliv, which have been liked in India and worldwide. This post gives you the list of the top 10 web series released on Sonyliv.

1. Scam 1992 Web Series

scam 1992

Scam 1992 is one of the best web series released in India. Scam 1992 was released in 2021 and was very much liked by the people. This web series is based on the life of “Harshad Mehta.” Harshad Mehta did India’s biggest banking scam in the 90s.

The scam 1992 web series has a total of 10 episodes. The length of each episode is 40-50 minutes. If you are fond of watching web series, then definitely watch this web series once, this web series will not disappoint you at all.

2. The Whistleblower Web Series

The Whistleblower 2021

The whistleblower released in 2021 comes at number two on our list. This story is based on a scam happening in medical colleges in India. Many children are admission to medical colleges even without being qualified. There are 9 episodes in this web series. The length of each episode is 40-50 minutes.

3. JL50 Web Series


JL50 is one of the best sci-fi web series ever made in India. This is the story of a plane crash, in the investigation of which, it was found that this plane was lost 35 years ago and found a crash in 2021. This web series has 4 episodes. The length of an episode is 40-50 minutes. In this web series, Abhay Deol played the lead role.

4. Shrikant Bashir Web Series

Shrikant Bashir 2020

The shrikant Bashir web series, released in 2020, is an action thriller. This is the story of a surgical operation team (SOT). This team is an intelligence team that has been formed to stop the crime happening in the country. There is a total of 26 episodes in this web series. The length of an episode is 30-50 minutes. If you like crime and thriller web series, then you watch this web series.

5. Undekhi Web Series

Undekhi sonyliv

People do not talk much about the undekhi web series, but it is a perfect crime drama web series. In our opinion, “undekhi” is India’s most underrated web series. This is the story of a wedding where one girl was murdered. This murder was recorded by the cameraman appointed to shoot a wedding. Then the whole story goes on around it. Total 10 episodes in this web series, 40-50 minutes.

6. Tabbar Web Series

Tabbar sonyliv

Tabbar is the story of a middle-class family living in Jalandhar. A boy gets murdered by this family. That boy is not an ordinary man but is the brother of the Jalandhar politics. This web series shows how this middle-class family saves itself from these people. There is a total of 8 episodes in Tabbar, and the length of each episode is 40-50 minutes.

7. Gullak Web Series

Gullak tvf

Gullak is a comedy-drama web series. This web series is going to be liked by every Indian middle-class family. What middle-class people like us see in our daily life has been seen in this web series.

If you belong to an Indian middle-class family, watch this web series once. You will like this web series very much. There have been two seasons of Gullak so far. There are 5 episodes in each season. The length of each episode is 40-50 minutes.

8. Cubicles Web Series

Cubicles tvf web series

If you are an office-going person, then you will be able to get excited with this web series. This is the story of “Piyush Prajapati,” whose first job is in an IT company. What ups and downs come in his life have been seen in this web series. There have been 2 seasons of cubicles. There are 5 episodes in each season. The length of each episode is 30-40 minutes.

9. A simple Murder Web Series

A simple Murder web series sonyliv

A simple murder is a dark comedy, action, thriller web series. This is the story of Manish, who is a failed entrepreneur. Manish searches for a job and gets a job. But later, he learns that by mistake, he has got the job of a contract killer. This web series has 7 episodes. The length of a web series is 40-50 minutes.

10. Your Honor Web Series

Your Honor sonyliv web series

This is the story of Bishan Khosla, who is a judge. Bishan clashes with a criminal family Mudki. This web series shows how Bishan and his family survive with the mudki family. Jimmy Shergill has played the lead role in this web series.

So far, two seasons of your honor web series have come. There are 11 episodes in each season, whose length is 40-50 minutes.

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