Top 10 Primeplay Web Series Watch Online (June 2024)

Top 10 Primeplay Web Series: primeplay is one of the fastest-growing OTT platforms in India. Primeplay has gained millions of users in a short time. This app was launched in India on 3rd August 2022, and today, it has 100k downloads on the Play Store.

The biggest reason for the Primeplay app being famous is its web series. Just like the Ullu app was giving content to the people, Primeplay is now also providing web series full of erotic and romance content in the same way. Below is a list of the top 5 Primeplay web series you can watch online on the Primeplay app.

1. Paglet Web Series 2022

Paglet web series watch online 2022

Paglet is the first web series of Primeplay apps. This is the story of a mentally retarded boy named Tinku. Tinku lives with his brother. Tinku’s brother gets married.

Tinku always talks about drinking milk with his sister-in-law. Tinku’s sister-in-law suspects that Tinku is not mentally ill. Will Tinku’s sister-in-law be able to prove it? To know, watch the Paglet web series on the Primeplay app. “Rajni Mehta” and “Jaishree Gaikwad” have played the lead role in this web series.

2. Vasu Web Series 2022

Vasu web series cast

This is the story of a boy named Vasu. Girls are the biggest weakness of Vasu. As soon as he sees a girl, he gets an erection. Vasu goes to a doctor to get it treated. Will there be a cure for Vasu? To know, watch primeplay’s web series “Vasu.” In this web series, “rajsi Verma,” “Riddhima Tiwari,” “Maahi Khan,” and “Ruby Ahmed” has worked.

3. Charmyog Web Series 2022

CharmYog primeplay web series watch online 2022

Charmyog is a famous web series of Primeplay apps. This is the story of a village where unmarried girls spend a night with boys to choose their groom. If the girl can fulfill her desire that night, she gets married. There is a girl in this village who is very beautiful, and she dreams that the most handsome boy in the village should become her husband. Will she get her desired groom? Watch the charmyog web series to know.

4. Paglet 2 Web Series 2022

paglet 2 web series 2022

Primeplay of the tremendous success of the Paglet web series released the second season of this web series within 3 months. This is the story of an abnormal man named Ashu. Ashu lives with his father. One day ashu’s dad gets married to a girl named Aparna.

Aparna does not like Ashu. Aparna and her maid take advantage of Ashu’s mental illness. Those people use Ashu to fulfill their sexual desires. To know what will happen next, watch the paglet 2 web series. In this web series, “Rajni Mehta” and “hiral radadiya” have played the lead roles.

5. Pehredaar Web Series 2022

Pehredaar primeplay web series watch online 2022

pehredaar is the most-watched web series of primeplay apps. This is the story of a village where the girl takes 2 phere with her father-in-law and 5 phere with her husband on the wedding day. This means that the girl can fulfill the sexual need of her father-in-law. To know the whole story, watch the Pehredaar web series only on the primeplay app.

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