Anupama Written Update 4 October 2022: The Shahs celebrate the Kanya Poojan

Today’s episode begins 7 days after Navratri, Anupama and Anuj explain their little Anu about Ashtami Puja. Anupama tells about her childhood and that she used to eagerly wait for this day in childhood so that she could get a gift of 1-2 rupees from relatives.

Anupama gets so lost in her talk that she takes the names of her three children, Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu, in front of Anuj. Anuj gets upset hearing this, but by avoiding that thing, he tells Little Anu that today you will get a lot of flow. He tells Little Anu that even small girls are worshiped on this day.

Anupama says those who honor and worship the girl of others by calling them home on this day, and if a daughter is born in their house, those people become upset.

Anuj says that now is the time for women’s worship, and after the pooja, we will take Little Anu to Nanu Papa’s house. After hearing this, Little Anu happily says that today I will be worshiped twice, and she tells Anuj that she will not do anything wrong and will also take care of him.

Anuj tells Anupama that we have to take care of the little Anu and ensure that Toshu does not come close to the little Anu. Anupama assures Anuj that she has told Toshu not to come near Little Anu.

2 guests come to Anupama’s house. Anupama introduces Anuj to her and tells him that these are Sheela kaki and Chanda mausi. Both these guests come to invite Anuj and Anupama to a Garba in their local area. They say that whatever charity is done from this Garba is used to educate poor girls. Anuj and Anupama get very impressed after hearing this. Guests call Anupama and Anuj as chief guests in that Garba competition and tell Anupama that the award will be given from your hand to the winner of this Garba competition.

Anuj likes his talk very much. He gives these guests a check for a significant amount in charity. Both women say thank you to Anuj and Anupama and leave from there.

Barkha sees this and thinks in her mind that charity starts at home before Anuj doesn’t know that. As soon as these guests leave the house, the Barkha follows them, stops them outside the house, and gives them a gift.

Barkha praises Anupama in front of them and cultivates how badly the Shah family has done to Anupama, but Anupama does not utter a word against them. Anupama should get her due. Somebody should stand up for that. On hearing this, the guest says that we will support Anupama and leave from there.

In the next scene, the house of the Shah family is shown. There Leela tells her family that tomorrow the in-laws of Summer will also come to the function. Hearing this, the reaction of the Shah family is not good. Leela tells them I want to see Samar get married as soon as possible, and no one will tell in front of in-laws what the problem is happening in our house. Leela also says that Kinjal should be explained that she should not do any drama.

Kinjal and Rakhi enter the room. Rakhi tells Leela that one grandson will get divorced now, and you want to get the other grandson married before that. Rakhi says that relationships should not start with lies. These in-laws of Samar should know how the atmosphere of the Shah family’s house is.

Samar says loudly I do not want to get married. The Shah family starts looking at Samar in shock. Samar tells them that after the kind of relationships I have seen in the house, I find it difficult to get married. Vanraj tells him that not everyone’s luck is the same. In a replay of this, Samar says that his luck may be worse than all these. Samar says he is not married but knows the pain of breaking the relationship.

Samar tells that he has not forgotten Nandni yet, and now he does not want to start a new relationship. He does not want another divorce situation to come into this house. After listening to all these things, Vanraj explains that at the rate of breaking the relationship, one cannot end the relationship. Samar’s grandfather tells him that planetary life is the most immense happiness. Today’s children think there is happiness in being alone, but real happiness is found in getting married.

Rekha says that what Samar is saying is correct. The one who eats the wedding laddus repented, and the one who does not eat it also repented.

Rekha says that if you marry that girl, do it but do not bring that girl to this house. Kinjal tells Samar his fear is correct, but Papa’s point is also valid. If you want to become a husband, be like Anuj and respect your wife. The relationship is good as long as there is trust. If trust is broken, the relationship also breaks. The Shah family tells Samar that if you like the girl, then marry only otherwise, no pressure will be put on you.

All the girls are being worshiped in Shah House. When Tashu comes to worship her daughter, Anupama stops her and tells her to stay as far away from her daughter as possible and don’t come to the Garba competition. Tashu thinks in his mind that all the people are threatening me with their daughter, and now I will only do my heart.

Precap: The competition of Garba starts, someone kidnaps pari and is taken away. There is a letter in her swing that Anupama gets in her hand.

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