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Top 8 Ruks Khandagale Web Series List (June 2024)

Ruks Khandagale (Rukmani Khandagale) Web Series 2023: Ruks Khandagale is a famous web series actress in India. Ruks has worked with famous OTT platforms like ullu, kooku, and Digimovieplex. Her most famous web series is “palang tod double dhamaka,” in which she played the role of Nidhi.

Ruks Khandagale Web Series (June 2024)

The list of famous web series of Ruks Khandagale is given below. You can watch all these web series online on their respective platforms.

1. Palang Tod Double Dhamaka Ullu Web Series

Palang Tod Double Dhamaka ullu web series

palang tod double dhamaka is the story of a boy named Arpit who lives with his uncle and aunt. Uncle often stays outside the house for work. One day aunt’s sister Nidhi comes to stay at their home for a few days. Nidhi and Arpit start liking each other. Both start fulfilling their sexual needs. One day Aunty sees both of them.

She tells the arpit that as you are doing with my sister, do it with me too. Aunties also use arpit to fulfill their sexual desires. To know what will happen next, watch ullu app web series palang tod double dhamaka. In this web series, Ruks played the role of Nidhi, and Rajsi Verma played the role of Chachi.

2. Jaroorat Goodflix Movies Web Series

JAROORAT Goodflixmovies web series cast

jaroorat is the story of two sisters. The younger sister is fond of modeling and acting. Even after struggling a lot, she does not get work in films.

One day the elder sister meets a businessman named Mohan Shetty. He says that he can make her sister a heroine. In return, he wants to spend a night with her sister. Will the elder sister agree to this deal? To know, watch the famous web series of goodflix movies jaroorat.

3. Chhupi Nazar Part 3 & 4 Kooku Web Series

Chhupi Nazar Part 4 kooku web series watch online 2022

Chhupi Nazar is the story of a call girl who works for a company. That company secretly records intimate videos of this girl and uploads them on their website. As soon as this girl knows about this, she leaves this company and creates her website to share her hot videos. This web series is available on the kooku app.

4. Laila O Laila (61-62) Digimovieplex Web Series

LAILA O LAILA digimovieplex web series watch online 2022

Laila o Laila is the story of Laila, an underworld lady don. To catch Laila, the city’s ACP appoints a girl named Kajal. Kajal wins Laila’s trust and joins her gang.

One day, Laila mixes a sleeping tablet in Kajal’s drink and fulfills her sexual desire. ACP then knows that Laila is a lesbian, so he appoints another officer named Karthik. Will Kartik be able to arrest Laila? Watch digimovieplex’s famous web series “Laila o Laila.” Ruks played the role of Laila in this web series.

5. Babuji Ghar Par Hai (61-62) Digimovieplex Web Series

babuji Ghar par hai digimovieplex web series watch online 2022
Top 8 Ruks Khandagale Web Series List (June 2024) 7

Babuji Ghar Par Hain is the story of a blind father who lives with his daughter-in-law and son. Son appoints a maid to look after his father. The maid takes care of the father.

One day, Father fulfills his sexual desire with a maid. His daughter-in-law sees both of them. She tells the maid that whatever you have done to you with my father-in-law, do it with my husband. Will the maid agree to this? Watch digimovieplex’s web series “Babuji Ghar Par Hain.”

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