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Shyna Khatri Web Series Watch Online (June 2024)

Shyna Khatri Web Series: Shyna Khatri is India’s famous web series actress and model. Shyna started her career with Haryanvi and Punjabi music videos. Today, Shyna is on the list of famous actresses in web series.

Shyna Khatri Web Series (June 2024)

Shyna Khatri’s top web series are given in the following list. You can watch all these web series online on their respective platforms.

1. Pehredaar (Primeplay)

Pehredaar primeplay web series watch online 2022

Pehredaar is one of the best web series of the primeplay app. This is the story of a village where a strange ritual is performed. Whenever a girl gets married, she also marries her father-in-law. The meaning of this ritual is that the daughter-in-law can also take care of the pleasure of her father-in-law.

2. Paglet 2 (Primeplay)

Paglet Season 2 cast

Paglet is a superhit web series of primeplay app. Season 2 of this has been released in the name of paglet 2. This is the story of a mentally retarded boy who does not have a mother. His father remarried a girl. This girl starts using that boy for her pleasure.

3. Pehredaar 2 (Primeplay)

Pehredaar 2 primeplay web series 2022

After the success of Pehredaar season 1, Primeplay released its season 2 soon without waiting. This story has also been made like the first season. The cast has been given a different feel this season by healing it.

4. Rog Vilas (Rangeen)

BIWI HO TO AISI woow cast

Rog Vilas is a famous web series of rageen app. This is the story of a couple whose life goes on perfectly. After some time, their life becomes monotonous. Couples start exploring their fantasy to make their life enjoyable again.

5. Kaam Purush (Primeshots)

Kaam Purush web series cast 2023

This is the story of a couple. The husband doesn’t give pleasure to his wife. After some time, the wife learns that her husband has a boyfriend with whom he fulfills his desires. What will the wife do? Watch kaam purush to know.

6. Biwi Ho To Aisi (WOOW)

BIWI HO TO AISI woow cast

This is the story of a couple whose life is going through ups and downs. They go on a vacation for a few days to sort out their life’s problems. On vacation, the husband and wife start fulfilling their fantasies.

7. Pehredaar 3 (Primeplay)

Pehredaar Season 3 primeplay cast

Primeplay app released Pehredaar 3 after two successful seasons. This is the story of a family where a son runs away from home and gets married. He comes back to his father’s village to apologize. Seeing his daughter-in-law, the father dreams of fulfilling his desire with her.

8. Karzdaar (Hunters)

Karzdaar hunters web series watch online 2023

Karzdaar Hunters is a famous web series of the app. This is the story of a village where a family lives in a rented house. They do not pay the rent of the house for many years. One day the landlord gets upset and goes to their house and asks for the rent. Those people do not pay rent. The landlord likes the tenant’s daughter, and he demands she marry his son.

9. Lady Doctor (Primeshots)

Pehredaar 2 primeplay web series 2022

This is the story of a man who meets with an accident that paralyzes his body. The doctor appoints a girl to cure him. That girl enters into a physical relationship with him, because of which the boy starts recovering.

10. Guptrog (Cineprime)

Kaam Purush web series cast 2023

This is the story of two girls who have a sex addiction. The extent to which she can go to fulfill her desire is shown in this web series.

10. Choti Bahu

Choti Bahu web series cast

This is the story of a house where the younger son gets married. The new daughter-in-law is very cultured before marriage, but after coming home, her behavior changes.

11. Malai

Malai Part 2 ullu web series cast

This is the story of a village house where husband and wife live together. One day husband goes out of town for work, and the same day, his uncle and cousin come to his house. Both start loving that girl and make a physical relationship.

12. Langot

Langot woow web series 2023 cast

Woow released its upcoming Langot Woow web series trailer on youtube. Langot web series cast Shyna Khatri in the lead role. The genre of this web series is fantasy, drama, and romance. Nowadays, the Woow app releases 2 web series every week on its OTT platform.

13. MaalaMaal

MaalaMaal primeplay cast

This story is about a window named Rekha who lives with her family. One day suddenly, Rekha dies. After Rekha’s death, her lawyer comes and reads the entire will.

After some time, everyone knows that Rekha has been murdered. Who murdered Rekha? Watch the Maalamaal web series to know.

14. Mr. Teacher

Mr Teacher shyna khatri web series 2023

This is the story of a married couple who live in a house. The husband doesn’t fully satisfy his wife, and because of this, the wife has an affair.

The husband has a younger sister who is weak in studies. The wife tells her husband to arrange a private tuition teacher for Riya. He gets angry in this matter. The wife calls her boyfriend for private tuition. Watch the Mr. Teacher Web series only on the primeshots app to know what will happen next.

15. Firangi Thakurain

firangi thakurain cast

This is the story of a house where the owner’s wife is a foreigner. Due to the husband’s age, he does not satisfy his wife. That’s why the wife takes the help of the house’s servant to fulfill her desire.

16. Tohfa

Tohfa shyna khatri ullu

This is the story of a man named Amiya who lives in a city. One day he gives a gift to his friend mantu and tells him to go to the village and give this gift to his wife.

mantu gives that gift to Amiya’s wife in the village. mantu starts liking Amiya’s wife and starts fulfilling his desire for her. Amiya’s sister also starts liking mantu. Watch the Tohfa web series only on the ullu app to know what will happen next.

17. Bikau

Bikau Ullu Web Series Watch Online 2023

Bikau is the story of Ranjeet and his girlfriend. One day Ranjeet and his girlfriend are having a romance when a man enters the house, and Ranjeet starts to die. Ranjit’s girlfriend then realizes that Ranjit has taken a lot of loans which he cannot return. Ranjeet’s girlfriend tells the man that she will return the money taken from him.

The next day Ranjeet’s girlfriend tells the whole thing to her best friend. Her friend tells her a way through which a lot of money will come. Ranjeet’s girlfriend becomes a prostitute for money and gets a lot of money. To know what will happen next, watch the bikau ullu web series.

18. Shuddhikaran

Shuddhikaran primepay actress

The trailer begins with a village panchayat where the village sarpanch and a baba keep talking to the people. Baba tells some rules to keep this village pure, which must be followed. The one who does not follow this rule will be purified.

In the next scene, Rohini is shown going to Baba with her husband. Baba says that because of this one girl, inauspicious work will happen in the village. To stop this accident, it is necessary to purify Rohini. In the next scene, it is told that Baba fulfills his desire with Rohini in the name of shuddhikaran.

Then it is shown that the son of the sarpanch of the village marries a girl without informing the family members. Even on this matter, Baba advises to do his shuddhikaran. Watch the Shuddhikaran web series only on the Primeplay app to know what will happen next.

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