Kunwari Cheekh Cast (Hunters), Actress, Story, Wiki 2023

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Kunwari Cheekh is the latest web series from the famous Indian OTT app Hunters. Kunwari Cheekh starrer Ritika Surya and Komal Ruthala in the lead role.

Kunwari Cheekh is a fantasy drama web series released on 25 October 2023 on Hunters app. This web series has 4 episodes, and each is 25 minutes long.

Kunwari Cheekh Wiki

NameKunwari Cheekh
GenreDrama, Romance, Fantasy
OTT PlatformHunters App
Release date25 October 2023
Number of episodes4
Episode Runtime25 Minutes

Kunwari Cheekh Cast

Below is the complete list of actors and actresses cast in the Kunwari Cheekh web series. If we miss any cast members, please comment below.

Ritu Rai (Rupali)

Ritu Rai Acharya Web series actress
Kunwari Cheekh Cast (Hunters), Actress, Story, Wiki 2023 6

Komal Ruthala (Megha)

Komal Ruthala web series actress
Kunwari Cheekh Cast (Hunters), Actress, Story, Wiki 2023 7

Ritika Surya (Sujata)

Ritika Surya web series actress
Kunwari Cheekh Cast (Hunters), Actress, Story, Wiki 2023 8

Kamal Krishna Poudial

Kamal Krishna Poudial web series actor
Kunwari Cheekh Cast (Hunters), Actress, Story, Wiki 2023 9

Pihu Singh (Damiyanti)


Kunwari Cheekh is the story of a village where one tradition is that whenever a newly married couple spends the first night, everyone in the village stays out the couple’s door and listens to their moaning sound.

Manoj, who is just married, spends his night with her wife. No one in the village listens to Manoj’s wife moan. The next day, the village surpanch announces that Manoj’s wife is not a virgin. To give her punishment, she has to spend the night with all three surpanch. What will happen next? Watch Kunwari Cheekh only on the Hunters app.

Where to Watch Kunwari Cheekh?

Download the Hunter app from the Play Store or Apple iOS store. Sign up for a new account with your mobile number and take one subscription available on the Hunters app. That’s it. Now you can watch any of the Hunters web series online.

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