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Is safe to use filmy4wap website?

filmy4wap is an Illegal content website. This website is mostly used to watch Bollywood, Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam movies, web series, and Foreign Movies.

On filmy4wap you will find all kinds of newly released movies, web series, TV shows, and Hollywood movies. Here you will also get video quality of 480P, 720P, 1080P for everything.

Let us tell you this thing that filmy4wap is an illegal Content website. The Indian government does not allow this kind of website.

According to the Indian Copyright Act, 1957, if a person is found guilty of violating copyright, then he can be punished from 6 months to 3 years Jail and can also be fined from ₹ 50,000 to ₹ 2,00,000.

Is safe to use filmy4wap website?

In our opinion, do not these kinds of websites. Below we will tell you some such points from which you will know why we should not use such websites.

Illegal content

All the movies, TV shows, web series, and foreign movies uploaded on the filmy4wap website are illegal. All these sites do not have the authority to upload all this content.

Spam ads

You must have seen on the filmy4wap site that Google’s ads do not display. Because Google does not give Adsense approval on such illegal sites. That’s why popup ads are used on such sites. The problem with these types of ads is some of the ads are spam ads. Due to which many useless apps are installed on your mobile without your permission and some apps can also hack your mobile.

chrome spam ads notifications


Many illegal content sites have been banned by the Indian government. It does not open in any connections in India. That’s why people use VPN to open these sites. According to a report, VPN is going to be banned in India soon. Due to this, it will be difficult to open all these sites.


Security Issue

As we mentioned that spammy ads come on sites like filmy4wap. Because of this your mobile or laptop can be hacked.

You must have noticed many times that the notifications of adult ads appear on chrome on your mobile. They are seen because of clicking on such spam ads.

Final Words

filmy4wap is an illegal content downloading website. Therefore, we should not use such websites. We should always see copyrighted content.

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