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Urfi Javed Raising the Tempreture, Wear Only Bandages

A social media personality Urfi Javid is known for her unusual dressing style. Every day a different look comes out of their clothes. urfi is the queen of creativity. I don’t know where this madam gets the idea of ​​wearing such strange clothes.

Like the last time, urfi has done something different this time too. This time Urfi is wearing a very beautiful white stripe dress. She draped the bandage over her body and also applied dark-colored lipstick. Urfi Javed looks beautiful in a white bandage dress with dark chocolate lipstick.

Everyone liked her bold look of Urfi and praised her creative mind. Urfi looked very cute in this dress. Urfi Javed is a fan of wearing such different designs.

Posting the video taken in a bandage dress on her Instagram account, urfi said, “it’s Halloween every day for urfi! Would you have ever thought ?”.

As soon as urfi uploaded the video, many comments started coming on that post. A social media user said in the comment, “so creative… Also, I love this lip shade. But I know it won’t suit me”. In reply to this comment, Urfi said, “oh shut up, tum Sundar log hahut sochte ho! This lip shade and a black dress! You’d look stunning”.

In social media, everyone likes this look very much. Now we are eagerly waiting for the upcoming new look of Urfi. What dress will Urfi wear in her next post?

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