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Urfi Javed copied Bella Hadid’s style, making fun of herself

Urfi Javed, famous for bigg boss OTT, is in many discussions about her clothes on social media. Javed is very famous in India for wearing new atrangi clothes. Everyone is surprised to see the style of Urfi Javed’s clothes. Her dressing style is very awkward, and she remains in a lot of controversy on social media. And then Javed comes in front of people wearing something new every day and entertains everyone with her clothes. Urfi gets trolled a lot for her clothes, But she gives a befitting reply to everyone. This is the reason that till now, she is not holding back from doing something new every day.

Urfi is becoming more famous for its clothes. This time, wearing a dress made of steel wire, she went ahead wishing for Diwali while walking on the road on the road. This time she folded the steel wire, made the structure of the lung and wore it as a dress on her front body. She looked no less than a model in the Light makeup with a ponytail hairstyle. She was seen walking like a model on the road, wearing Olive color trousers.

Urfi Javed was inspired by the famous model Bella Hadid. She is wearing ready-made outfits of lung design. Urfi writes the caption, “smoking is injurious to health.”

US-based supermodel Bella Hadid was wearing a Lung-designed gold copper necklace at a fashion show in the US. Seeing her design, Urfi Javed made fun of himself for doing something different. This video of Urfi Javed is becoming increasingly viral on social media. People have made a lot of fun of this dress of hers. But there are some social media users who like Urfi Javed very much.

Now we tell you what the social media users have said in the comment on this lung dress. A social media user commented asking why show her lungs show her heart. In the comment, a user said it looks like a scrubber that cleans dishes. Somebody is sending hot emojis. Somebody is saying hot. So someone is telling her this look is very dirty and indecent. In copying Bella’s style, Javed has made her joke.

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