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Are you a gamer and finding the game that excites you? Here is good news for you: I will share the details about the “Tag After School” puzzle-solving game, a unique mobile game. Not yet. I will also share this paid game apk file without charging anything from you. So, let’s start to learn more about Tag after school mobile games.

What is a Tag After School Game?

“Tag After School” is a famous Japanese Horror, Mystery, and Puzzle game from “Vincell Studios” gaming company, which previously released many top-class mobile games. This is a puzzle game in which you have to crack down on the problems that come in the game.

The “Tag After School” game graphic is very simple, but the game is not simple. You have to think so much about cracking the codes. There are many stages in tag after school which you have to win individually.

One thing to keep in mind is that this game is made only for a person who is 18+ because, in this game, there are many things comes which are not made for kids. Many erotic scenes come in tag after school games. So please avoid this game if you are not above 18 years old.

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Tag After School Apk Free Download (Latest Version) 4

Tag After School Features

Tag After School games come with lots of features. Some of the main features I mention in the below points.

1. Story Driven Game

The main feature of the “tag after school” game is based on the story. This is the story of a “Shota-kun” character trapped in the school. How this boy comes out of school after so many challenges is the basic storyline of the “tag after school” game.

2. Multiple Game Mode

Tag After School supports multiple gaming modes, such as Free-for-All, Capture the Flag, and Zombie Mode. You can play any of these modes without any hesitation.

3. Character customisation

Players can easily customise the character with different appearance and body outfits.

4. Easy Control

Tag after school comes with basic control settings. That means those with basic gaming knowledge can easily play this game.

5. Offline Mode

This game can be run offline, so you don’t need to speed up your precious mobile data.

6. Interesting Gameplay

Many twists and turns come in the tag school gameplay, which increases the excitement and enjoyment of the player.

How To Download Tag After School Game Apk free?

Downloading “Tag After School” is a very easy method. Please follow below step-by-step method below to download the tag after school’s latest game on your smartphone.

Step 1: scroll down this page and click the Download Apk button.

Step 2: when you click on the Download Apk button, there is 15 15-second timer started. Wait for 15 Seconds.

Step 3: After 15 seconds, automatically, our telegram channel opens on your screen. If you are not getting this channel, click the download apk button again.

Step 4: Join this telegram channel. After the joining, you will see the latest Apk of “Tag After School”. Download it and install it on your mobile.

Note: this provided apk file is not provided by us. This apk is available online. So, download this app at your own risk.

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Tag After School Apk Free Download (Latest Version) 5

Tag After School Apk Details

File NameTag After School
Apk Size20MB
Compatible WithAndroid 5.1+
DeveloperGenius Studio Japan Inc
Game TypePuzzle Game

Tag After School Latest Apk Download

Below, I share the Latest APK file of the “Tag After School” Mobile Game. Click on below download button below and join the telegram channel.


Tag After School is a fun, engaging, and exciting mobile game. If you are above 18 years old, then you should try this game once. You will never disappointed.

I hope you enjoy playing the “Tag After School” latest version game. Share with your friends if you liked this game. Also, join my telegram channel for more such mobile games.

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