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Shameless but pretty, Urfi Javed Wear Only Pants, Walk on the Street Without a Top

Urfi Javed, who was in the news all the time for wearing strange clothes on social media, did something this time that the social media public got very angry with her and where is her bad by making fun of her a lot.

Urfi Javed, who wears strange clothes, is wearing only pants this time. She wears black ki pants, and her upper body is completely open. She has used artificial flowers to cover her nipples. He has covered his chest with artificial flowers and tied those flowers finely on the back with a thread.

Urfi Javid has done it to the limit this time. Shooting a video by wearing such a dress, no one else likes to get all this done except Urfi getting photos clicked.

Seeing the video made in this dress of Alias, Janta called her bad. And social media users have also made fun of their boobs.

She posted photos and videos on Instagram. The video quickly went viral as soon as it was posted. And as soon as sharing the video, many comments started coming on it. Some pens of aka Javed praised her a lot, and some people have trolled aka for this dress. Let’s see some subsequent comments made on this post of Urfi.

  • Yours is not big. Please don’t show up.
  • Why do you wear makeup? Because we only see your body, not your face.
  • aunty bahut chote hai.
  • 51 topo ki salami Deni chahiye dress banane wale ko.
  • Pretty as always.
  • Gorgeous look keep it up.
  • You are the mother of all creativity.
  • urfi Ji ur most attractive Girl.

Urfi wrote in the caption of this video that “Shameless but pretty Also, the definition of decency and vulgarity differs from person to person. For some people, it’s showing kegs. For some, it’s wearing a bikini. For some, it’s just Urfi Javed. So I decided not to listen to anyone. Be my judge. If what I put or don’t put on my body bothers you, go. f*ck yourself”.

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