Ullu app is India’s most famous (SVOD) Subscription Video On Demand platform. Most of the ullu web series fall in the category of 18+, erotic, and romance.

The Ullu app was launched in India on 25 December 2018. The owner of the ullu app is “Vibhu Agarwal.” Ullu’s head office is in Mumbai. In today’s time, the ullu app has subscribers in millions. If you go to the play store and see ullu app has more than 10 million downloads.

The first web series of the ullu app was Halala, which people very much liked. Since then, ullu has started releasing web series every month. Today, the demand for the ullu web series has increased so much that the ullu app releases two web series weekly.

Ullu app has released more than 120 web series on its app. Ullu’s famous web series are “charmsukh” and “palangtod.”

All Ullu Web Series List

Ullu app has released more than 120 web series on its app. Complete details of all these web series are given in the list below. You can watch all these web series on the ullu app or “ullu. app”.

All Ullu Web Series Cast

The world wants to know about all the actresses and actors in the ullu web series. Many people watch web series but need to know the name of the ullu actress. The details of all the cast members working in the web series of the ullu app are given in the post below, along with their photos and roles are also provided in this post.

All Ullu Web Series Actress List

Ullu web series are famous all over the world. Many people search for ullu web series actress names on Google and try to know complete details about them. In the post below, we have given the list of all the actresses working in the Ullu web series, along with their photos. If you want to know the complete details of the ullu actress, then definitely read the article below.

Top 10 Ullu Web Series Actress

Many actresses have worked in ullu web series. This actress is talented and beautiful. More than 100 actresses have worked in the web series of the ullu app. Out of these, we have chosen the top 10 actresses. If you want to know the best actress, read the post below.

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