What is the Reality of “Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video” Spreading on Social Media?

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Today one keyword, “Kulhad Pizza Couple Viral Video,” is trending on the Google search engine. Who is the Kulhad pizza couple, and why is their video trending on social media? Let’s start with what is happening with the Kulhad pizza couple.

Kulhad Pizza couple is a famous couple who sell pizza in Kulhad in Jalandhar. The couple is very famous because of their unique idea. But this time, this couple is trending on social media because of an unfortunate incident.

Today, one video became viral on social media claiming that the couple seen in an X-rated video is a famous Kulhad pizza couple. This video is spreading all over India. What is the reality of this viral clip? Is it real or is it a fake video of the Kulhad Pizza couple? Everything was cleared by the Kulhad pizza fame Sehaj Arora on social media.

Sehaj Arora shared an Instagram video where he said, “The video which is getting viral is fake. 15 days before, I got a ransom message in which he demanded the money for not spreading the video clip. Instead of giving money, go to the police station and file a complaint against that Instagram account.


Sehaj Arora also added, “I request you to everyone, please don’t spread this fake viral video mms on social media. It was made with AI (Artificial Intelligence) technique to blackmail me. So stop spreading rumors about the Kulhad Pizza couple”.

So Sehaj Arora is clearing everyone’s questions after seeing this viral video. We also request you don’t spread this type of video on social media. It will destroy the lives of many people.

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