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Jabran Web Series on Ullu: Revenge of a wife will blow your mind

In today’s time in India, the demand for web series has become more than that for movies. Looking at this demand, the ullu app is releasing 2 web series in a week on its app. Ullu app, which is famous for its 18+ content, is releasing two new web series every week for its subscribers. This article will tell you about Ullu’s hottest web series, “Jabran.” This web series is filled with bold and hot scenes. That’s why you watch this web series alone.

Jabran Story

Jabran is the story of a newly married couple, sumer and Shalini. Sumer is crazy about wild love, whereas Shalini likes soft love. When Sumer comes to Shalini on the honeymoon, he tries to have wild sex with her, and because of this, Shalini drives him away. Shalini tells Sumer that she does not like wild love but erotic love. Sumer controls his lust and makes soft love with Shalini.

Some days pass like this. Sumer gives hints to Shalini in many ways that what she wants, but Shalini does not understand Sumer’s hint. Sumer remains angry with Shalini. Shalini tells this to her neighbor’s sister-in-law Maya. Maya tells her some ways to attract her husband. Shalini is dressed up for her husband, Sumer. After some time, the bell rings at the door. When Shalini opens the door, there is no one there. As soon as she enters the house, a masked man catches her and puts a knife to her neck.

The masked man takes Shalini to the bedroom and ties her to the bed. Shalini tries to save herself but fails. Mask forcefully has wild sex with Shalini. After extinguishing his passion, Maskman runs away from there. Shalini cries on her bed, thinking, how can I tell this to my husband?

When the masked man leaves the house, it takes off its mask. He is none other than Shalini’s husband, Sumer. After some time, sumer comes to the house wearing a typical dress. Shalini does not say anything about the accident to her husband, nor does Sumer discuss anything about it.

The next day Sumer comes again wearing a mask, but Shalini runs away from home. After digesting him, sumer makes him unconscious and takes him to an unknown place. Sumer ties her up and forcibly has wild intercourse with her.

Shalini tells this whole story to Maya. Maya plans to catch that masked mind. The next day when the mask comes to mind, there is Maya in Shalini’s bedroom. Sumer starts coercing Maya as well. Maya signals to Shalini to hit the masked man, but Shalini faints. Sumer forcibly has intercourse with Maya and leaves.

Maya crying on the bed, tells Shalini that now he will not come here. The next day the masked man goes to Maya’s house. Shalini sees the masked man going to Maya’s house, and she follows him. As soon as the masked man removes his mask, Shalini sees it is summer. Then it is revealed that when Sumer forces Maya with him on the last night, she likes him, so Maya invites him directly to her house. Maya and Sumer Wild have intercourse.

Shalini goes to Maya the next day and tells her I know now that Sumer is the masked man. Maya tells him that Sumer likes him, not you.

The next day, Kheer is made for Shalini Sumer. As soon as he eats kheer, he faints. When he regains consciousness, he is tied to the bed. Shalini is in front of him and Maya’s husband, Aadarsh, is also there. Shalini and Aadarsh fulfill their sexual desires in front of Sumer.

Jabran star cast

In the Jabran web series, donna munshi (Shalini) and maahi khan (Maya) played lead roles.

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